Facebook Cover Photo

 How to create simple and unique Facebook Timeline or Facebook cover photos.

Step 1.

Download this image and save it to your computer:

Step 2.

In your Photoshop click "File" --> "Open" and open the image you have downloaded.

Step 3.

Choose an image that you like to put in your cover photos. In your Photoshop, click "File" --> "Open" and open the photo you like.

Here's what I'm going to use:

Step 4.

"Click Move Tool" and drag and drop your photo to the image you have downloaded.

Step 5.

Change the opacity to 40% so that you can still see through to the background. Arrange your photo carefully then put back the opacity to 100%. Save it and upload it as your cover photo.

Step 6.

Change back the opacity to 40%. Click the Rectangular Marquee tool and put a marquee to your profile picture.

Step 7.

Press Ctrl C to copy the image inside the marquee and then click "File" --> "New" (width and height will automatically set to 170 pixels if you marquee the image correctly).

Step 8.

Click OK and press Ctrl V to paste the image.

Step 9.

Re-size the image to 180 pixels wide and 180 pixels tall and press OK.

Step. 10

Save the image, upload it as your profile picture and you're done. :)

Here's my output:


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