Crooked grind

The crooked grind is also known as a k-grind and it's a very popular and fun grind trick in a game of skate. The main thing that helps with coming out of this trick is getting more speed.

Magic lighter

My friend Gerome used rubbing alcohol on his finger to create a magic lighter. :) I know playing with fire is fun, but you always have to be careful.

Water on the wishing well

This is me touching the water on the wishing well. It looks enchanted but it also looks so scary and sad in the camera.

Black and white and green

I edited this picture using the Camera Raw in Photoshop. The Camera Raw is included in the install package of Photoshop and it's amazing! Lots of filters and has good black and white options.


Sitting on the rail

This photo was taken after we play skateboard. Me and my friends love to play skateboard when going outside. It is a very unique way to keep in shape, have a good time and get some good exercise. :) We consider that playing skateboard is our hobby.

Black and white effects

This photo has black and white effects combined with color. The effects is quite good and it worth the time spent learning it.

Camera accidentally took a shot of him

He was tying his shoe when the camera took the picture.

Photo shoot with Merinessa

A photo shoot is a brilliant way to practice if you're new to photography, or just a great way to practice your portrait skills. It's a great way to achieve the photo you want and have fun too.

Men in black and white

Many people enjoy having a black and white photo because it gives more passion and a feeling of yesterday.


The nose-slide is a cool looking trick which can be done several ways for both beginners and more advanced skaters.


Skateboard poser

He is not really a skateboard poser but I love calling him by that name.

Unknown trick

I don't really know what trick he's doing in this photo. I just took it. :)

Wes ka-ita

We don't know where this kid came from. All we've heard of him is that he really wants to play skateboard.

The monkey tattoo

Eric used Photoshop to fake the tattoo but it is pretty cool.



Cute kids



In the ladder

Marielle Dizon

Ernest of Boys Unlimited

Rhej in woods



Raquel in watery effect


In touch with a butterfly



Reflection in the water

Time Out of my Mine




Photo Taken from our Park


Love is the Reason why we EXIST

The Butterfly

Little Kids Playing Sands

Cute in Drums

I Don't Know What they Call this One

Taken Outside The Church

Luck Ant

Derik's Bike

The Groom