It's all about Photoshop

My friends said, taking good pictures is all about how good the camera is. But I said, it's all about Photoshop! haha! Just joking..

High up in the sky

This makes us feel like we are high up in the sky,
a place nearer to God that we can't see the hard ground.

The great daughter

A politician once said, my power would make a difference... A Fiction Hero once said said... with great powers comes a great responsibility, but I as a poor, simple child I say... my strength and love brings joy and food to my family!                        

Do not judge the its appearance!

Mentally challenge people are the luckiest people in the world.. because they are the people who never feel and understand the problems of the world!


A transportation worth relying for... more than so called, MACHINES?

A farmers life

Question is, who is the real mans BEST FRIEND? The one who barks, or the one who helps produce FOOD?

New Old Photo

This photo is funny! We all act like we are in the old times and bringing back the memories. But we didn't notice someone is listening to his iPod. LOL!

Bahay Kubo

This Bahay Kubo is cute! It has a shape of cubic that's made of wood, planks, bamboo and large logs. They made it this high because it's attached to the tree.

Before and after

My friend took this image from a broken mirror and I edit it using Camera Raw mode in Photoshop. Camera Raw is a useful plugin and a great way to edit images fast. It gives you the most control over your images.