Two same persons in one photo

I put my camera in a fixed position and on manual setting for this photo so that the exposure is the same for each shot. I took multiple shots, and then I use Photoshop to merge them.

The monkey tattoo

Eric used Photoshop to fake the tattoo in this picture, but it is pretty cool.

The cutest kid I know

That's right, he is now the cutest kid I know. And lucky for me, I get to hang out with him quite a bit.

Jump shot

The jump shot is a common shot that is taken by a lot of photographers but what's the key to getting the perfect shot?

Big fish eye

My friends uncle caught a big fish in the bottom of the sea. It was almost 100 kilograms. The fish is big but not that big. After butchering the fish, my friend took the eye to pose for the camera.

Cutest kid in town

This is Jolo, my friend's niece. We took his picture from our local park and edit it in Photoshop to change the hue, color saturation and add some doodle designs.


The vampire smoker

His vampire makeup is now finished and he's ready to join his fellow creatures of the night. :)
Doing your own vampire makeup is not easy but is not a difficult one if you have some knowledge on it. It can be classic, simple, or scary!

Erase yourself in Photoshop

This is me erasing myself in Photoshop. I got this idea from someone on blog and found that it's easier to do.


Black and white surroundings

I use black and white and history brush tool in Photoshop with this photo to separate us from the background image. :)